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We are glad to offer its new product in the field of inhaling anesthetic

Entonox gas contain 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide (lughing gas) and Licensed by the Ministry of Health

entonox gas is mixture from 50% Oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide and its filling in cylinders the color for nثck of these cylinders is  half white color and half color blue and this gas is very sufficiant for inhaling sediation and its colorless and odorless  and its safty and easy to use and known as lughing gas
Using of Entonox   (for more info click here)
Entonox gas is sufficiant for these state:
1-Dental Clinics
2-labor clinics
3-child clinics
4-Emergency and ambulance departments

Entonox features
entonox gas feature by easy to use and quick effect without any side effect and safty for child and pregnnant women and the main advantage for entonox compare with other types that we can control by the time and The dose also the time for sediation 
entonox gas give the Patient comfort feeling also it can reduce the labor pain for women
Feature of inhaling sediation
1-fast sediation
2-quick to get peak of effect
3-time of Resuscitation is the fast between other metod
4-Safty and effective and cheap
Using Method
Put the mask on the face and ask Patient to close his mouth and inhal just from nose and throuh 2-3 minutes and adjust the flow by doctor on 5-7 L/min and  the doctor must stop flow the gas befor 5 minute before finish his work
storage methode
you must save the cylinder under temperature upto -5C and less than 45C and save it far from oil and grease
Cylinders Type
There are two type of Cylinders:
  • Cylinder 40 litter and 100 bar work under flow 6L/min for 15 hours
  • Cylinder 10 Litter Cylinder and 100 bar work under flow 6L/min for 4 hours